More ATTN Shows Approaching

Lots of dudes/women haven't been able to catch our current live set
yet with the visuals, etc. Come kick it with us, Bug, Misners, Justin,
Justin, Justin, Blake, Holly, AJ, Tom, Bryce, Aaron, Andrew, Albert,
Joe Shafer, and everyone else we know or don't know.



April, 19 at The Neurolux 9PM



FYI: I'm drumming in this muck now too.

have you got new visuals werked out? How was thee Urban Outfitter's show? I bet it smelled like pants, yeah it smelled like pants didnt it.


Using the same visuals in this set, but we are a 6 piece now. Our friend Matt is rocking a 200lb organ, Dale on percussion, and our friend Dave tweaking a bunch of stuff with some tone-bending toys he makes.


I had the show on the 13th marked on my calendar, but I gotta work. Maybe I can make the april 19th one though.

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yes! see you tomorrow!


i will see if i can make it out tomorrow.  i'd definitely love to check it out.  i'm currently trying to get rid of this sinus infection so i can be ready for the liverdance race this if you don't see me there tomorrow, expect to see me at the next show.  either way, i wish you the best show ever!

holly when does that race start?

6:00.  here is the information on it from the warlocks bicycle club:

and for those that want to see some footage of last year's liverdance competition:

are you going to do the race?  i highly recommend it.  last year's race was pretty tough, but lots of fun.  it was roughly about 25 miles with about 3-4 hills to conquer, but they were not horribly insane...hills like the one going up emerald over to cole, for example.  stuff like that.
if you need more information on the race other than that website, they should have everything posted over at thomas hammer coffee downtown.

i did last years.  i've done a bunch of these.  thanks holly!  if i can get my new frame going before saturday, i'm totally in.

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i totally spaced going to this show, gah... will remember next time

Thanks to all the dudes who rolled! We play that show on April 19th at the
Neurolux with The Universal, and possibly again before then. We also got
asked to play the Bent LA Festival, but it doesn't appear that we'll be able
to make it this year. Epic bummer.

New jam just got posted up on the page as well. Check up on it if you want.