Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho's "Fab" April meeting

The Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho will hold its April meeting from 7 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, April 23, at the Modern Hotel and Bar (1314 Grove St.) in downtown Boise's Linen District. The meeting is free and open to the public (21 and older please). Bring your records!

The theme for the evening is “Beatles Covers Night.† Members and newcomers are encouraged to bring records featuring Beatles songs as performed by other musicians. If you don’t have any Beatles covers in your collection, please bring cover versions of songs by other artists to play. The goal for “Beatles Covers Night† is to have nothing but covers played.

Local Beatles expert Thomas Pinto of the Yesteryear Shoppe in Nampa will lead a presentation on Beatles covers — cover songs and album covers — and related “Fab† topics.

VPS Idaho will raffle a vintage Yamaha stereo system at the meeting. The system includes turntable, amplifier, tuner, equalizer, cassette deck and speakers. Tickets ($5 each) will be available at the meeting and Record Store Day on Saturday, April 19, at the Record Exchange, 1105 W. Idaho St., Boise. Proceeds from the raffle will be used to offset VPS Idaho expenses.

Meeting Agenda

7 to 7:30 p.m. — Social Gathering
7:30 to 8 p.m. — Beatles Presentation by Thomas Pinto of the Yesteryear Shoppe
8 to 10 p.m. — Open Play (covers of the Beatles and other artists)

VPS is an independent social recreation enterprise dedicated to communal listening enjoyment.

VPS Idaho has three main charters: preservation, education and entertainment. By actively promoting the preservation of the vinyl record as a medium, VPS Idaho hopes to play a small part in ensuring the enduring presence and future vitality of this unique and culturally rich musical format. In its educational efforts, VPS Idaho hopes to increase the knowledge of group members as well as the general public in all matters related to analog musicology, from record production techniques and the performance and maintenance of associated electronics to the history of vinyl in Idaho and beyond. In pursuing its entertainment goals, VPS Idaho simply hopes to help existing vinyl aficionados discover and enjoy more music while cultivating a wider community of new listeners; in short, to keep the records spinning and the music alive.

Monthly meetings (held every fourth Wednesday of the month) include guest speakers and DJs, opportunities to buy, sell and trade vinyl and, of course, a chance to share some of your favorite albums with fellow music geeks and vinyl junkies. Membership is free and open to anyone who listens to music of any kind. While members and guests don’t have to own any vinyl, it is assumed they at least have an interest in and appreciation for vinyl as ONLY VINYL RECORDS WILL BE PLAYED AT MEETINGS.

For more information about the Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho, visit and or e-mail

Holla for Thomas Pinto and the Yesteryear. Scored a fresh copy of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory on LP there last year for like 8 bucks! Record is hella OOP.

Its true, Thizz IS what it is.