Shows relisted

Sunday April, 6 @ Mrtyle Morgue (210 Myrtle St.)  $5
   Manville, and ALL TEETH!

Wednesday April 9th @ The Bouquet (1010 Main St.) 8pm $5
   Anal Blast(MN) final tour,Postal worker,Under the Blade (Skate Night)

Saturday April 12th @ The Neurolux (11th & Idaho) 8-9pm
    Wildildlife, Pussygutt!

Wednesday April 16th @ The Myrtle Morgue Estate (210 Myrtle st.) 6pm $3
   BBQ action/outdoor show(someone invite Shane Brown's mother)
   Wingnut Dishwashers Union(brattleboro,Vermont),Brook Pridemore(brooklyn), The Donna Vultures
POTLUCK STYLE rain or shine

Friday April 18th @ 7pm One night in paris(Joplin, Missouri),strings and chemicals,The Deadlight Effect(Las Vegas,NV)

Saturday April 19th @ The Neurolux (11th & Idaho) 9pm
   ATTN & The Universal


April 19th Sat. 7pm Adai(denver,CO),Manville,Franklin coverup,Midnight society(Spokane,WA),Stronghold(Spokane,WA)

Monday, April 21st @ Myrtle Morgue (210 Myrtle St.) 7pm
   (The return of)Murder and the Media Machine, Pull out Quick, Adamant Allies, N.F.F.U.

Wednesday April 23rd @ The Big Easy 8pm $5?
The Invasion's CD Release Party

Thursday April 24th @ Area Code (208 N. 18th St.) 7:30 $5
   New Thrill Parade (santacruz), Pussygutt

Tuesday April 29th @ The Bucket @ 8pm Post Mortem Twitch,Enzuguri (skate night)

Tuesday May 13th @ The Bucket @8pm White sound,Heibarger

May 26th Mon. ((((Two year Myrtle Morgue show)))) Sod Hauler(seattle,Wa),bands tba

June 17th Tuesday @8pm HR(Bad Brains),Singing Vernon,and more bands tba

Is it true that HR from Bad Brains played a surprise show in Boise in the last week?

Its true, Thizz IS what it is.

wildildlife is CANCELED. They had their gear stolen + other strokes of unfortunate bad luck.


deadasdreams wrote

Is it true that HR from Bad Brains played a surprise show in Boise in the last week?

This is true. They will be back on June 17th for a Triple Thrashed Tuesday.

Stolen gear es no bueno.