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Where to score some rock

I left Idaho a long time ago, but a few records didn't make it with me.  Where can I find the compilation of Idaho bands with the capitol building on the cover? Or maybe the Adversives CD that came out around 1999?

Or maybe my homie Forest that seems to have disappeared.

Flores, that is.

i thought this thread was about meth

i'm bulimic.

thats right....bulimics are addicted to meth

....if we could walk like bullets

Hey! Me and eatpants were just talkin about that record 2 weeks ago. The one with Haggis on it? Id buy that for a dollar.

Its true, Thizz IS what it is.

yeah what the hell hook a dude up

It had Haggis, Freak In A Jar, Skidfish, Adversives, Life After Johnny, Citizen's Angst, Angered Youth, and a few others I am forgetting.  It rocked well.  Don't do meth unless you live in a trailer.

Wasnt Shug's old band on it? Shug, what were you guys called?

Its true, Thizz IS what it is.

Sorry, nope, not on that one.

Schug wrote

Sorry, nope, not on that one.

Werent you in a band with Cory Robertson a million years ago?

Its true, Thizz IS what it is.

I will pay more than one dollar.  I will also pay shipping.  What do any of these posts have to do with me scoring rock?  And where is Forest Flores?

Fat Forrest is not so fat anymore,and he sucks at playing chess.

Yes, that was during that same era--back when we were in High School.  We released just one cassette of which I can't find a copy of--I believe Kris Baker of AngryPotato fame did the layout for the tape's artwork (or maybe it was Scott).  Another one was recorded that I don't believe was ever released.  The band was called Verbatum.

I actually thought I had two copies of the comp record in question, but I'm only seeing one...sorry, Shenanigans.

i can give you flores' number if you need it.  the easiest way to find him though is to hit the garage out of the grove motel on a weekday before 5:00 PM.  he should hopefully be in the booth during that time. 

and if you need a copy of that cd, i think i still might have one.

or wait...are you not living in idaho these days?  i don't know who this is, but if you send me a PM with your name and such i could call forest and send him your number + info...

Some other homies and me put on an Amnesty International benefit back in the day with Verbatum.  When that dude started repeating,"YOU TOOK THAT LITTLE BABY AND TURNED ITS HEAD TO GRAVY,"  I quickly lost interest.  It's not that I give a shit one way or the other, but I guess that's why it's called a choice.  Was Mr. Baker in a band called Insurgent Action, or something like that?

Yes Insurgent Request, I know a dude who played on that record, or rather records... don't have any though... OOP! Do realize that 1000 of those Idaho Comp 12"s are floating around in this world? Weird...

Live!  From the Igloo on 34th!

You know a dude, huh?  I was hoping you could help me out, but I think someone else here can come through.  Thank you very much.

Anyone selling the albums in question should PM me.

That is hilarious! Yeah, we were not a good band and were constantly embarrassed by our singer.  I just found a bunch of flyers from that show....Mosquitones, Adversives, 8 Ball Break, Haggis, Dirt Boy, Verbatum, Shaft.  For the life of me, I can't recall who/what Shaft was...good times, though.  I disinctly remember going to Dennys on Main afterwards and smoking a bunch of cigarettes w/ Slover and crew.


Live!  From the Igloo on 34th!

That's the one!  Quality work.

I have a copy of the 12" Idaho comp....it's buried somewhere at my parents house, I probably won't be in Boise until June or so, but if you haven't found a copy by then I'll see if I can dig it out.

...I probably have the verbatum tape in the same box.

p.s. a password that I've used since high school is based off the letters in "verbatum".

p.p.s. that info won't help anyone figure out what my password is.